art director, graphic designer and illustrator,
made in Europe, working from Amsterdam.

how I do this

be my guide

As a graphic designer I act as guide through information. I know how to use layouts to lead the eye and the mind. I help your clients find their way around your app, website or book, on your poster or through your space, right to the core of your message.

touch my heart

In communication credibility is key. A clear idea of who the messenger is, together with a thorough understanding of the target group, enables me to evoke emotion. Style is the most powerful tool here. Your message lands if we can touch your users hearts.

do it effectively

My work is functional: it’s a tool to get your message across. It can be functionally beautiful, functionally seductive, functionally disruptive or even functionally invisible – whichever works best. This applies to my concepts, my designs and my illustrations alike.

hey, I'm Willem

I’m a dedicated creative with (way) over 10 years of experience as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. I work with both digital and printed media.

let's talk

I’m curious about your questions and desires for your visual communication. Let’s talk and see how I can help*.

*ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands

selected work